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Hello everyone! Long time no see! I hope you all have been well!
I haven't posted anything on here since my Status in February mentioning how my computer had become unusable. (Blue screen of Death upon startup) Well, as of today, it's working again! So now I can finally sit down and type up an update for you all so you know what's been happening with me!

I don't think I even made a post about this, but at the end of October I went from living with my mom in PA to moving in with my sister and her family near Boston, MA. I've never really lived in a city before, and I've never lived without my mom either. So that alone was a huge change for me! I had to get used to things like the amount of cars and people, when to cross the road because some of the street signs don't change like they're supposed to and it annoys me, the train system (called the T), I never even rode a bus before but hey gotta do that here too... I'm kinda used to them now though, but I still get nervous about getting on the wrong train/bus and getting lost ;w;

Then on top of that I had to get a job!!
I've never worked before, so for a while I was super stressing out about it. Cried a lot. I needed to get one though, as it was part of the deal of me living here with my sister (who isn't making me pay anything other than $30 per week for the food I eat.) At first I tried to get a job at the daycare/school that her boys (my nephews) have/currently went to. I was nervous during my interview, as it was my first ever interview, but I think it went okay. I then went on two different days to spend time with a class to see how well or not I fit. While I think I did a good job, and the person said I did, I never really heard anything back. So I didn't get it.
I then tried for a position at a coffee house, and while the owner liked me and was interested in my art (it came up), she was looking for someone with more experience. 

My sister had suggested I apply at Dollar Tree, which is super close to where we live (basically across the street), but I kinda didn't like it so I was avoiding it a bit. Especially since I 100% hated the idea of a cashier job (I was worried about messing up the money and losing a lot of it). I finally ended up filling out an application though and got an interview - and I was hired!! I've been working there as a cashier since the beginning of March, and I'm happy to report that I haven't given up/died yet lol It's a lot easier than I thought it would be, and all my managers and co-workers are super nice. The main manager also told me that I've been doing really well and that he mentioned me when talking about who could potentially be promoted!!! I'm so so happy that this has gone so well for me, especially since it's my first job and I was sooo nervous about working!!

Life in PA was really boring and uneventful. Sometimes I wouldn't leave the house for weeks. Now I'm walking the dog around the city by myself twice a day (granted I mainly only go to the park across the street or some of the nearby streets). I go to work 3-6 times a week. I went to Anime Boston (YAY CONVENTIONS I haven't been to one in yearssssss I bought a cute Mimikyu shirt and a print of Mew) and took a train back by myself at 11 at night while it was snowing - like a boss who was super nervous. I have chores now too. I also finally have A CELLPHONE YAS I LOVE IT. LOOK AT ALL THE FREE APPS I CAN GET. Pokemon Go was the only reason I voluntarily left this building at first lol Plus the maps/GPS is the only reason I'm able to go anywhere too or I would not leave this place. It's also why I've not gone crazy without my computer for so many months too. 

The only downside really is that I have no friends here. I'm trying to befriend some of my co-workers (one of my managers is actually trying to help - gave my number to someone and told her we should go hang out sometime lol), but so far I don't interact with them outside of work. I joined an app called Patook, which is for finding friends, and am talking to a couple local people on that. One person I actually met up with in a touristy area and we hung out for an hour or two! Haven't talked to her since, but it ended with us swapping phone numbers and saying we should do it again sometime! Also talking a lot with a fellow anime fan who lives within 10 miles of me - maybe I'll meet her too and we'll be friends. Plus one day I was talking to a customer at work about her anime shirt and ended up getting her number so she could introduce me to her nerd friends, but I haven't heard back from her yet.. I'm not religious but my sister says I should go to some of her church's group things, so I'm actually going to one this Wednesday. Hopefully I'll befriend some people.

Currently the dog has more friends than I do - people keep coming up to pet her when I walk her and some are like "Is that Maggie?" Like, yeah? How do you know her name?? I live with a popular dog I guess lol

So yeah, huge lifestyle change for me these past 8 months!
I'm much more independent than I was (got my own bank account, making money, going to the store to buy my own stuff, making dentists appointments because my teeth are going to hell, etc.) Not sure how often I'll be drawing stuff, since I'm not sitting at my computer all day everyday like before. (I'm actually losing a good amount of weight because of how much more I'm on my feet. Lost about 15 pounds!!)
But hey since I don't have local friends yet I have not much else to do in my free time lol

For those who noticed that my core membership expired, this explains why too. Lack of access to a computer to really be on this site. Hopefully I'll renew it soon, I spent a ton of time getting my page fancy and Harry Potter-y!!

Also, speaking of Harry Potter, I'M GOING TO HOGWARTS IN ABOUT 2 WEEKS. HOLY CRAP I'M SO EXCITED AAAAA. My dad lives in Florida, so me, my sister + her kids are going to visit him. I'll be my first time visiting. Will be my first time on a plane too... I'm scared of heights, but if I can handle the train system then I can handle a plane lol Probably gonna blow all my money on wizard food.

So that's about it! Thank you to you all for sticking around, and a thank you to the new watchers I've gotten while I've been away! Hopefully I'll be posting some art again soon!

Went from living in the woods with my mom to a city with my sister. Got my first job. I love cellphones and anime conventions. I have less friends than a dog. At least I have money and am losing weight. GOING TO HOGWARTS.


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